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Segregate Me

A Racist?
Be a Racist or a part of it?
Hell no! No, does it even matter which nationality I’m dotted on on this planet?
Then what’s the wild wokeness with respect to individualism on mother earth?

Doesn’t the soil, even though in aggregates plait themselves together and make beautiful horizon?
So why?
does it even matter what my colour is or what my race is?

Let’s face it;
Supporting segregation in different
kinds of
situations –the wack mindset they were born with.

High rate
of separations with
reduced to nothing hallucinated desires –a nightmare they’ve feared to face.

that selfless desire
to separate,
caused by own inner self conscience now taking over us.

How pity!
Interracial mingling,
sweet tainted Love of olds
now a disgrace and murder-considered.
How beautiful
together ourselves have, seeing that unique mummy-kid kinda love.

Where thou art?
That togetherness,
which hailed from our inside,
where thou art?
Send us back to,
our one peopleness,
which we’ve ever longed to long.

Hi guys! I’m Benyin from Ghana. A student of KNUST, Ghana. I love writing, I like to put my thoughts down through the pencil than through the mouth– started this journey not very long ago but by God’s grace I’ve come up with some good writings. You can check my blog below for the new styles.


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