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Chandelier nights

Down the vale and up the hill
we’d camp besides the gurgling rill.
A parasol gleaming with fireflies,
no roof, we’d lay ‘neath the Azure skies.
Oh how I miss those chandelier nights.!

A bed of fragrant Jasmine flowers
strewn like a tiara of pearly stars.
A flickering, warm, candle light
love sparkling in our cinnamon eyes.
Oh how I miss those chandelier nights.!

I go there at times in the day
a path we’d frequent, now seems astray.
I hear the breeze a song recite
Of love beguiled, of monsoons wild
Oh how I miss those chandelier nights.!

Was it a dream, those chandelier nights,
The vale, the hills, the Azure skies
Was it a dream, those chandelier nights.
or artfully woven cashmere lies.
Oh how I miss those chandelier nights.!

© laughing_soul
Gitanjali Kapoor

Gitanjali Kapoor, well known and much revered in writer’s world by her pen name LaughingSoul is an articulate single lady in her forties from Mumbai, India.
 After carving a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry her Poetic soul found solace in penning words.
 Author and Publisher of 4 Anthologies, “Priceless Pearls” is her debut solo collection of Poems. She’s making waves globally in the literary world with her work adorning various international publications.
She’s also invented a Poetry form called the ‘Mirror Alphoppbet’ which is extremely cherished by writers worldwide.
Insta ID: laughing_soul_poetry
Her Interviews
What it feels like for a girl
Her Books:
Crimson Kisses, Ishq-e-watan, Cashmere Diaries, Stotram and Priceless Pearls.
 -In her words “Poetry is when my Soul breathes through my words, pain bleeds through my ink and I witness a rebirth of my thoughts.”


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