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Life is…

Life is a mind-boggling puzzle,
Scattered into countless pieces.
It just takes some time,
so that every piece creates a meaningful frame.
So that every piece creates a meaningful frame.

Life is an art and everyone is an artist,
Where everyone is trying to colour their black & white world.

Life is a song,
Sometimes sad, sometimes gleeful.
Making everybody dance on its chorus.
Life is an adventure,
Leading us towards an unknown future.
We never know where we will be in a few seconds or so,
You get something, you lose Something,
you learn something, you teach something,
And at last, we realise,
It’s not about the destination but about the journey.

I am Aakanksha Sharma, an aspiring writer and poet. Love to write about life, love, nature.
Instagram id: aakanksha0816
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