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In Company

I’m laying in the arms of no one.
Arms that reach in from the outside world
and suspend me in an immaterial embrace,
and hold me in their company.

I’ve been visited by comfort on these nights
who shows up like a wandering cat
to blink with heavy lidded eyes,
to saunter back across the street
and dream without desire.

I am enveloped in the arms of
the nameless body of this spirit world
within the mind of endless time
within the body of empty space
suspended at the intersect
where the door stands always open.

The sky outside my window is still blue.
no need to wish for wishes to come true
when all things are visitors merely passing through.

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Name: Nikole Domchekova
-writer/teacher/liver by life
-Inspired by people and life that flows to the rhythm of nature
-Inspired by beauty & emotion


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