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This unknown crazy virus has got me feeling STUCK
It has stopped plans, travels, celebrations, graduations, weddings and so forth
Where did you come from I ask?
Who sent you to bring so much destruction, chaos and death to us all
Humanity is still confused and in fear of what you have inflicted
How are we suppose to rebuild all the loses you have cost?
How are we suppose to get the jobs we got terminated or made redundant from?
Tell me the severeity of why you have brought humanity and the world to its knees with your infection?
Answer me… you Evil good for nothing destructive killer Virus You
Answer Me… show yourself show that evil face, that monstrous eyes of yours that killer smile of death and that unberable smell of victory you parade around the Globe
You will answer for your sins someday, you just wait, you and all who plotted this evil plan if there are others of your kind out there
How dare you become so Powerful, how dare you kill so many of us and infect millions of others
How dare you make us succumb to isolation and lockdowns
How dare you separate families and stop Economies & development of Nations
You will burn in Hell soon your days are numbered you plague of a pest you
Are wars, deaths, poverty, starvation, genocide, disease, pain, tragedies of our time not enough for you?
Is that not suffering enough for you?
Answer me wherever you are …Answer Me you coward of a Fool
If you think you are that Powerful and invincible then show yourself!
Leave us alone! Go Away Burn and Die in the lake of Fire and death
Die a slow painful death so you can feel the pain of the world strike you back its called Karma and it will meet you soon!
But humanity will always survive we always have we always will
We will get through together no matter what
Our resilient strength and faith in each other will take us to the other side
Things will get better its hard now but we will get there somehow, someway
Through pain and tears we will Smile again and Live a more purposeful Life coz thats what this Pandemic has taught us and we have learnt
We finally kinda get it now figuring it out day by day
As weak and fragile as we are, we are created to be overcoming beings
And we will rise and walk again and go forth and continue where we have left of
Our Dreams, Goals, & Visions maybe on hold for now
But we will continue the walk to Success and Freedom
A new insight a new dawn A new Meaning to Life
We will look back at this dark deadly season and say with Pride we have truly Overcome

My name is Mere Satakala and I am from the beautiful island of Fiji in the Pacific. I write during my spare time and is a great release therapy for me. this piece is on how  I felt when COVID struck the world.
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4 replies on “Stuck”

Beautiful expression of your frustration. Yes, we will stand up again. But, whenever I scold this 🦠 virus, I hear the voice of the virus too, I hear as if he is saying me,” tit for tat, you humans always act as per your convenience. You feel your pain, your loss . Where your feeling goes when you kill n eat flesh of others, cheat others and what not” . So now, I have stopped complaining, and accept whatever comes. Karma is back I think. Yes the virus will also die, his karma. But now we r dealing with ours. I loved your words. It felt like my own words and frustrations. So, let’s just have patience and pray. And commit to be a better person tomorrow.

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