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Broken Wings

As I flapped my wings,
To fly in the endless sky,
I realised I couldn’t.
I was distressed,
Then looked behind and saw my broken wings.
It was a dark place and I wanted to escape.
I passed a strangled scream,
As I was throttled by spider webs of memories.
My hands were tied by manacles.
Deep down in my heart,
I thought the end was near.
My eyes were speaking the same.
I was looking for hope,
Out of the blue,
I asked myself,
“How can I fly when I am afraid to fall?”
I kept my fear aloof,
And flapped my wings again.
It pained.
But I was able to fly again.
And I looked down,
Thinking of never coming back.
Cause now the past is in the past.

I am Aakanksha Sharma, an aspiring writer and poet. Love to write about life, love, nature.
Instagram id: aakanksha0816
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The poem conveys multiple meanings. Crispy grippy nicely penned with philosophical touch.

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