Following Matsuo Bashō II

misty harbour
gentle wind reveals
its secrets


winter twilight
enters the subway station
street violinist


frosty morning
strokes my cheeks
warm from the bakery


mountain village
for first time on TV
last interpreter


snowy busches
step by step more white
haiku walk


scout camp
at the last bonfire
first love


convalescence –
in the family album
blood donor’s photo


Wiesław Karliński alias Wilhelm Karud – teacher, traveller, tourist and cuisine journalist, haiku poet. Lives in Namyslow, in south – western part of Poland. He has degree in Russian language and literature in Opole University. Since 2009 his awarded haiku and haiga have been published worldwide in books, journals and online, and translated into many languages. He was selected to The European Top 100 most creative haiku authors in 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. One of winners of „Haiku w metrze” organized by EUNIC, Warsaw, 2015. Member of former European Haiku Society and one of founders of Polish Haiku Society. Much of his inspirations comes from travels in Polish, Scandinavian, British, Ukrainian and Balkan provinces. He wrote more than 300 articles connected with tourist and kulinary attractions were published in Polish popular journals.

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2 thoughts on “Following Matsuo Bashō II

  1. These are really good to evoke a scene and mood. I especially liked the one with a violinist near the subway station.

  2. Words of wonder and delight.

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