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Shade of Freedom

Upon these sat freedom on the heights
Leaving brushes of history gained mastery over rights
Where stains of native stories left plain
As there were rules in the petitions of the lame
This delicate silver has trade regrets with cold air breeze
Air breezes that stirs the heart with honeys that pinned my writings on the tabs on heaven as there were spits of grease
Oh! Shade of freedom, in your power lies might
Real might that has quenched the unquenchable thirst of seared rights: that inspired mere bond chains to kingship nights
Light our dreams, make bright our days that this your fair shade shine and stand in the mouths of the saved
In the rivers of time you float peace,
Indeed you’re a silver star of nations born,
And you draw a chain to free men’s legs; through this dungeon walls of forlorn
Oh! shade of freedom, you made your birth the potent reason on a smile
Chance us this grace that we might save also in miles
Yea! All beset thy birth, even that black clouds
On which ever day you were born, you baptized our chained minds with strength that we gained this totem of power
And by this sits lights of freedom’s hour: But not in ancient dreams
Take a bath and let thee; shade of freedom

Hi guys! I’m Benyin from Ghana. A student of KNUST, Ghana. I love writing, I like to put my thoughts down through the pencil than through the mouth– started this journey not very long ago but by God’s grace I’ve come up with some good writings. You can check my blog below for the new styles.


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