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A Little Ode to Medication

The medications cause a quagmire
of swimming thoughts and regret,
while my state of mind alters for the better,
I wonder, why did my condition show his face?

A misspent youth?
Melancholy requiring a revellation
of the truth?

Here’s what I have to say:
I shan’t allow further seating,

no more window views,
purveyors of ill-fated gossip,
throw your words to the wind,
and allow me to sleep,

my dreaming is important,
it’s where I escape,
rhyme and weave,

my thoughts allow me to dance,
along with them,
I cherish these.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Hi, I’m Lauren M. Hancock. I write what I feel, and I feel what I write. My poetry is filled with heart. I mainly draw on personal experience for inspiration, but sometimes even a certain phrase or word is enough to inspire me to write. You can find more of my poetry at  and poetry videos on my Youtube channel, Lauren M. Hancock Poetry.


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