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Faking Happiness

“You are so good at it” she said
” What is it ?” said I
” Faking your happiness ” she replied
When did it turn out to be like this
where even happiness became a show
for all to see.
“That smile on your face
is hiding scars and pain beneath it
why are you pretending to be fine
when you are not ? “
Because its a shame if anyone notices it
for if I had to show them my scars
and the mental chaos that I am
they will judge me , ignore me , hate me.
They will unfriend me.
For if I am happy even from the outside
I can go along with the normality of the sociaty
and I will be accepted by them all
and now this happiness
even thought just from the outside
is what I have to give
to the world outside,
for they want to see
this side of me
and hidden behind are the emotions
that are screaming to me
whose voice becomes louder
when I am alone you see
giving me sleepless nights
and now even the pills doesn’t work right.
All I am left with is the happiness
thats for all to see
but deep down its been killing me.
I have been counting every second of my life.
But I have to keep it low
for I can’t let them know
the chaos that I am
the misery that I am in
and so I will carry this smile for a while
until it kills me one time.
She looked at the mirror and smiled.
By Reppandee Lepcha ^^

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About me: Someone who is venturing into the world of writing. For whom writing turned out to be an effective outlet to express her thoughts that were sometimes hard to explain. Trying to build my world where feelings and emotions bloom at its zenith in the world where they are considered just as an escape from the reality.


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Excellent piece. I felt the same for having to contend with the “normal”, happy reality even when there’s more important things to do than fitting in a crowd. Just followed you on insta, hoping to see more of your works 🙂

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