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2020 whizzes past. Smokes of curses and online blames.
Hurdles of thoughts wrap around me at night. I do nothing. I cast no shadows. My eyes are attuned to a screens before, behind, beyond, below me.
A place. A street. A number announced, and my body jump into action. My eyes focused in on the chaos. I match all the colors I see with the possibility of you.
I thought years of not seeing you could’ve done the trick.
I thought I’d forget you without single image in this data-sewn world.
No sounds. No picture. No words. I reflect shining traces of you in my clouded mirror. Spinning dreams in a silver quarantined street, my care follows.
It’s going to get crowded tonight. Fingers itching, a knee leans in, silent coughing. Everyone losing their heads. Fire ants with antennas erased.
Be safe, my love across the borders
Remember to sidestep, in this renaissance of quarrels

I love doing pen sketch art and reading autobiographies. I play piano during my free times. But anyways, without further ado, here’s my poem. Thank you so much for sharing it with your readers/audience. My Instagram is @seazy_inkwell and my blog is 


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