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Small wax riots

It’s such a tiny revolution,
built on nervous candles in a breezy room,
with riots
hammering at the door
and the kindest thing you ever did
clinging desperately to the flame.

It’s nothing that’ll turn the tide,
nothing that’ll stick.

Most of my friends
have forgotten I even tried.

But I love that you saw,
I love that you smiled
and I love that you cried –

matching me,
tear for tear,
without dousing any of the candles.

I’m Woodsy.  I’m a poet / writer with some journalistic training, living in the North of England, but looking to maybe go on the road a bit, explore, see what’s out there.
I write stories, poems, reflective pieces, and sometimes perform them. Lately, I’ve just enjoyed losing myself in a few voices as the world shifts massively around me. Given the state of things, I reckon that applies to a lot of us right now.
I do the occasional bit of performance poetry too… but it’s always  such small, delicate things that seem to shine out for me, whether scribbled quietly in a notebook or trying to catch and hold the mood of a room.


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