If You Were Here…

I just need to talk to someone.
There is no place safe to talk.
Who won’t judge and won’t be hurt by what I say.

I know if you were here, I could talk to you.
I know I would be talking to you now,
And so many other times before.
If you were here.

I need someone to talk to,
A safe place where there is no blame.
A place where I can be honest and
A place where you won’t be hurt.
A place where I can say whatever I need,
And you will just listen
And no one will be hurt.

I need you, your voice, and your wisdom.
If you were here.

I am a writer and a mom. I have 5 books published and more to come. I love poetry, paranormal, and science fiction stories.


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5 thoughts on “If You Were Here…

  1. Really sad poem… Thanks for sharing this with us

  2. I know that feeling well. Hang in there.

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