The gift of life ….

God has provided us with this precious gift ,
The feeling of gratitude should be beyond limit ,
The gift of life is all what could be ,
We are gifted , still why do we quit ??

We have innumerable chances to prove ourself ,
Manifold chances to reach to the victory ,
We are one in a million born ,
Still why do we quit ???

Blessed are we to have a great family ,
And even generous friends ,
God’s blessings showering on us every minute , our life is so very fortunate,
Still why do we quit ??

You are alive and you can attain ,
Your aspirations are high ,
Success is,but,not the end,
Your life cannot be immaculate , still why do we quit ?

God has given us the power to choose our future ,
To laugh and cry ,
The capability to love and live,
Still why do we quit ???

Don’t quit ….
Before you die think about the one’s who will bear ,
The one’s who care ,
And the one’s who will lament !!!

Just in a minute with the stroke of a knife ,
You breathe your last ,
The shattered dreams and the wounded soul ,
How can your anguish be greater than the gift of life ??

Keep trying even if you fail ,
God gave us a dream so that we can fulfill it ,
No failure no despair can be greater than the gift of life ,
Work hard but don’t quit !!

Breathe , laugh , give and appreciate ,
Acknowledge, care and support ,
Turn your failures into building blocks….
Work as hard as you can ,even if the pace is slow !!!

Even when your eyes are filled with tears ,
You wish to smile , but only sigh ,
Have faith in prayers ,
But just don’t quit !!!

If you want to know the value of life ,
Ask someone who is at the death’s door ,
Praying to God , to grant some time ,
Just for the last time , to see his loved ones smile !!!

You matter ,
You are important ,
You are loved ,
Believe in the power of God’s will !!!

Your presence on this Earth makes a difference ,
Whether you feel or not ,
The world is a marvellous place to live in ,
Believe in yourself….. but just don’t quit !!

Enjoy your life ,
And be grateful to God for this gift ,
The world is filled with nice people to trust,
If you don’t find one, be one yourself !!!

God gave us this gift of life ,
Give yourself the gift of living ,
Don’t hope for the road to be built for you ,
Prepare the road for your own self …… but anyway , any situation just don’t quit !!!!

Focus on possibilities,
Not on failure ,
Awake the fighting spirit ,
Don’t quit … you are a winner !!!

It’s ok not to be ok ,
Talk it through , find a way ,
There is always a way ,
But please don’t quit !!!

Suicide , It leads into the world of self destruction,
Kills the one who commits ,
And even the family left behind ,
So should we quit ??

God is the master , he is the creator,
He gave us life ,
He gave us dreams to fulfil ,
He sent us to live , so before dying ask yourself , should l quit ??


About me : Hey , this is Kripaa Luthra … l am 13 years old …. and am very fond of writing poems ….. l am very inclined towards it …l write to spread social messages and want them to be spread worldwide …. and even hope for a book very soon … l hope my poems are enjoyed and loved !!!


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13 thoughts on “The gift of life ….

  1. I ‘m amazed ,you being 13 and at the same time,I must say you rock it girl.. forwarding more powers to you as well as lots of blessings 🤝😍😍❤️❤️👏👏👏stay safe, stay healthy


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