The gift of life ….

God has provided us with this precious gift ,
The feeling of gratitude should be beyond limit ,
The gift of life is all what could be ,
We are gifted , still why do we quit ??

We have innumerable chances to prove ourself ,
Manifold chances to reach to the victory ,
We are one in a million born ,
Still why do we quit ???

Blessed are we to have a great family ,
And even generous friends ,
God’s blessings showering on us every minute , our life is so very fortunate,
Still why do we quit ??

You are alive and you can attain ,
Your aspirations are high ,
Success is,but,not the end,
Your life cannot be immaculate , still why do we quit ?

God has given us the power to choose our future ,
To laugh and cry ,
The capability to love and live,
Still why do we quit ???

Don’t quit ….
Before you die think about the one’s who will bear ,
The one’s who care ,
And the one’s who will lament !!!

Just in a minute with the stroke of a knife ,
You breathe your last ,
The shattered dreams and the wounded soul ,
How can your anguish be greater than the gift of life ??

Keep trying even if you fail ,
God gave us a dream so that we can fulfill it ,
No failure no despair can be greater than the gift of life ,
Work hard but don’t quit !!

Breathe , laugh , give and appreciate ,
Acknowledge, care and support ,
Turn your failures into building blocks….
Work as hard as you can ,even if the pace is slow !!!

Even when your eyes are filled with tears ,
You wish to smile , but only sigh ,
Have faith in prayers ,
But just don’t quit !!!

If you want to know the value of life ,
Ask someone who is at the death’s door ,
Praying to God , to grant some time ,
Just for the last time , to see his loved ones smile !!!

You matter ,
You are important ,
You are loved ,
Believe in the power of God’s will !!!

Your presence on this Earth makes a difference ,
Whether you feel or not ,
The world is a marvellous place to live in ,
Believe in yourself….. but just don’t quit !!

Enjoy your life ,
And be grateful to God for this gift ,
The world is filled with nice people to trust,
If you don’t find one, be one yourself !!!

God gave us this gift of life ,
Give yourself the gift of living ,
Don’t hope for the road to be built for you ,
Prepare the road for your own self …… but anyway , any situation just don’t quit !!!!

Focus on possibilities,
Not on failure ,
Awake the fighting spirit ,
Don’t quit … you are a winner !!!

It’s ok not to be ok ,
Talk it through , find a way ,
There is always a way ,
But please don’t quit !!!

Suicide , It leads into the world of self destruction,
Kills the one who commits ,
And even the family left behind ,
So should we quit ??

God is the master , he is the creator,
He gave us life ,
He gave us dreams to fulfil ,
He sent us to live , so before dying ask yourself , should l quit ??


About me : Hey , this is Kripaa Luthra … l am 13 years old …. and am very fond of writing poems ….. l am very inclined towards it …l write to spread social messages and want them to be spread worldwide …. and even hope for a book very soon … l hope my poems are enjoyed and loved !!!


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13 thoughts on “The gift of life ….

  1. “The world is filled with nice people to trust,
    If you don’t find one, be one yourself !!!”
    Wonderful lines!! Great!!

    1. Thank u sooo much 🤗🤗

      1. I am amazed , my poems being considered great !!

  2. Seeing your age, i’m amazed! Great work!! 💝🙈

  3. Thank you 😊

  4. This is just one poem …..
    more poems available on d link below d post

  5. You have carved such a beautiful poem. Keep doing it. It is just amazing.

  6. Thank you 🙏🏻

  7. I ‘m amazed ,you being 13 and at the same time,I must say you rock it girl.. forwarding more powers to you as well as lots of blessings 🤝😍😍❤️❤️👏👏👏stay safe, stay healthy

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