Coffee Date with Luna: Updates

Hello everyone and welcome to another Coffee Date with Luna! 

Usually, I have some specific theme I write about in these Coffee Dates but this is just a random life update. I have been away from the blog for a while now because I have been working in the office. As you know I have been working from home for a very, very long time and the past two weeks I have been back in Zagreb and in the office. Now I am going to work from home again. In order to have fewer people in the office we take turns every two weeks with work from home. 

This was one of the reasons why I was away from the blog. I was adapting to being out of quarantine, back in Zagreb and it just started feeling normal and then there was a spike in COVID-19 cases. Zagreb has the most cases in Croatia which was to be expected. A few days ago it became mandatory to wear a mask in public transportation and cabs. So there’s a little update on the COVID situation in Croatia, how are your countries doing? 

The quarantine in Croatia has ended because we managed to put the situation under control but also because it is the summer and the Croatian economy is centered around tourism.(VISIT CROATIA, GIVE US YOUR MONEY. jk). I am also planning to visit the coast this summer with my boyfriend.  This won’t be some YOLO vacation; we will keep safe and avoid large crowds of people. It will be more of a quiet vacation. We will go to the beach, maybe go to a restaurant for dinner because it’s my birthday soon and that will be about it. Nothing big, just taking some time away from Zagreb, my work, his university.   

These two weeks working in the office really benefited me when it comes to mental health. Since I travel with a tram to my work, I was scared of catching the virus but being in the office was so relaxing. I missed my work team, joking around with them. I was a lot less stressed about work since working from the office again because we can joke about work, talk, help each other out. Just being around people made it easier than it was while I was working from home. I am actually a bit sad because I won’t see them for three weeks because I will be working from home for a week and then I will go on vacation for two weeks.  

This is pretty much a little bit about my very boring life. Let me know in the comments how are you doing, what is the situation in your country, what is new with you? We haven’t had a coffee date for a long time. In the last Coffee Date you were all so supportive and kind and thank you very much for always being here for me. Also, some of you told me you would enjoy story times so I am currently working on that. I am also considering creating videos for story times, I think it would be interesting and a new hobby for me since I know nothing about creating videos. I was thinking to film a few on my phone and I know it won’t be best quality but I want to see if I can commit to this before considering buying a camera.  

I will stop talking now and be waiting for all of your comments, I’ll reply to everyone as soon as possible. Also, let me know what you would like to discuss next on our Coffee dates! 

Sending love and positive vibes,


11 thoughts on “Coffee Date with Luna: Updates

  1. It’s good to hear that you got a release of stress, being around people and office. My university is shut down probably open in August, due to the spike in cases, lockdown is being extended in many states. Enjoy your vacation.

    1. I hope the situation will get better soon <3

  2. Glad to hear that being back at the office is going well! Where are you off to on vacation?

    1. We will probably visit the island of Krk here in Croatia. We didn’t book a room yet, but we are about too and it will probably be in Punat, Krk 😀

      1. Just dreamy! Enjoy x

  3. Really a nice write up…simple and natural…👍 Adv. Birthday wishes for you. My birthday is also near..stay connected ❤️

    1. Happy Birthday to you as well!

  4. Happy birthday my dear🎉 Yes, I live in the States and I wish everybody would just wear a mask and we could be done with this quicker. There are lots of folks pushing back and claiming their freedoms yet that sentiment has me sad that people can behave so selfishly. Most of it has to do with the president, he sees a terrible example and I’m so NOT a fan of him. Hopefully we’ll get it together and start truly caring for one another as we should. Wonderful share😊

    1. Trump has to be voted out. I am actually following the situation in the US regarding COVID and BLM and it’s really sad to see that thing in the White House being such a bad influence and bringing people’s lives in danger. In Croatia there’s also been some push back because of the masks and I am honestly getting tired of people claiming it’s taking away their freedom. It’s a mask which protects you and those around you, it’s not a chain. Hopefully we will all get out of this crisis and more forward soon. Stay Safe <3

      1. Yrs my dear, I second ALL of your sentiments here!

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