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Self Worth

Everyone has a hidden talent;
And is a God’s gift
Not in same but in different fields is excellent,
Pursue your expertise and uplift !

Look at yourself in the mirror , find a beautiful picture inside,
And say to your own self “ l can do it “
Have an aim so that you don’t need to be pushed to achieve
You are doing it for your own benefit !!

Aspiration from parents is very high ,
You are born to achieve but may not be born to become a doctor or an engineer
Understand your weaknesses and never limit yourself ,
Let within you, there be no fear !!!

Always listen to your hearts ,
Learn from your mistakes and walk towards the life’s path,
Follow your dreams ,
And above all within yourself have unconditional faith !!!

Have a mission on Earth
Let not your life go waste
Follow your destiny
Don’t spoil your life just in haste !!

Always have a positive thinking
Try not to be flummoxed about your aim
Have faith in your dream
You are doing it for your own self not for fame !!!

Never give up even if you fail
Keep on trying you will get what you desire
Think of the times you bravely fought
Don’t let your dreams burn in the fire!!!

In any case be happy as a clam at high tide ,
Make sure you enjoy pursuing your aim ,
Always by discipline you abide
Enjoy the process rather than worrying about the end results ….. It’s not that tough just a life game !!!

Trust yourself , in your life success should be attained ,
It’s a call to pursue your ambition,
Imagine yourself on the highest position
Tell yourself , “ l can do it “ and “ l will do it “ !!!


About me : Hey , this is Kripaa Luthra … l am 13 years old …. and am very fond of writing poems ….. l am very inclined towards it …l write to spread social messages and want them to be spread worldwide …. and even hope for a book very soon … l hope my poems are enjoyed and loved !!!


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