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Did Shakespeare Err

“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women are players.
They have their entries and exits” famously said Shakespeare.

life’s timeline listed
in the various stages
of a mediocre existence

a simplistic description
by an extraordinary dramatist
of being during simpler times

he writes of societal norms
and average lives
like they were all just average people

those times seem uneventful
if he were alive today
what would he write now

Susi Bocks – writer/author/poet, has self-published two books – Feeling Human and Every Day I Pause. You can find her work at or follow her on Facebook, where she invites you to read her thoughts and get to know her. Bocks’ work has been published in the anthology SMITTEN: This Is What Love Looks Like: Poetry by Women for Women and in Scarlet Leaf Review, VitaBrevis, Spillwords, Literary Yard, as well as other literary magazines.


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2 replies on “Did Shakespeare Err”

I believe he would write of the same. Humans have not changed. Not in the slightest.

We believe we have changed, because of new technologies, new “systems” put in place… though, we still operate under the reptilian brain, the fight or flight mechanism. The kill or be killed, do or die, concept. Humans are not “different”, in today’s world. In fact, we have just put on a different color, a different personality or a different mask. We are not, even in the slightest, different or better. We are the same. Still fearful of things, though they appear to be subtler, as our belief to have made things better just puts us in a denial phase.

In denial, humans state that the world is better. In that denial, what is of us, will be believed to have changed, too. By that false belief, each reality will be blanketed under darkness, and our focus will be upon things that never have really mattered.

Perhaps around us, things have changed. Though, within us, we are still the same fearful sorts. We have not changed, because human evolution requires environmental stability to last for thousands of years. Because of that, we have remained psychologically the same for a good 10,000 years, now.

Shakespeare was born in the 1500’s, and that was a mere half a millennium ago. Not even 1,000 years has passed since his birth, or since that quote was written, and humans are still the same fragile creatures, as we’ve ever been.

I would agree that humanity hasn’t changed much and possibly become even more complicated. My thought with this piece was with us looking back, we’d probably feel life is and always be what it is but someone from the past brought forward might not see it that way because it was from a “visual perspective” quite different. Thanks for commenting, appreciate your thoughts! 🙂

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