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Infamous Pair

Fear and despair,
What an infamous pair;
They seem to go along splendidly.
However often we learn it’s not good to thin
To tend to yearn or incline to shrink,
There’s no end in sight to sorrow or fright –
They just keep on going, try as we might.
And yet, there’s some awful tenderness there,
In the world of terror, the land of despair;
To be embraced readily and by the hand led
To a place where it feels no other feet tread.
The haziness welcome, the mourning, relief
From a place sharply clear, impatient with grief.
Wake me if this happens to all be a dream:
This enticing warmth and care of a scheme.
This miry pit (strangely) doesn’t feel cold at all –
My comfort, made catalyst to its rightful downfall.

My name is Abigail, and I am an illustration student who is drawn to words as well as visual art. Creative writing is relatively new for me to consistently create, but it is rewarding to see it become a more conscious part of myself. I may post something I am not completely satisfied with. I sometimes write directly from thoughts, feelings, or experience, but I sometimes also imagine my way into a point of view (or mix a bit of both). I hope you enjoy what I post, whether it be a thought, poem, or something different.  

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