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Ghost stories and horror films are not what scares me.
But the thought of hurting you is a different story.

When you cry and when you bleed, I just can’t take it.
I wish I could pretend to not care but I can’t even fake it.

When I saw the broken you, it’s true that I ran.
But not because I was scared but it was more than I could stand.

You wanted me to hurt but it was you that you cut.
So what choice did I have but to close the door shut.

I saw that you needed me but I just couldn’t save you.
You robbed me of options. There was just nothing that I could do.

Yes, I’m a coward. I ran ‘cause I couldn’t face,
Seeing the you that I knew, disappear without a trace.

Hi there, it’s Coco. I’m new to the blogging world and am looking for some love and support. Please check out my poetry blog “Poems From Heart” here

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