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Cloudburst – When it rains

On a gliding plain,
I repose like a longing child,
With a rush of firefly words,
Pondering like a perplexed slain.

The beady eyes of mine,
Longing for the season of rain,
Watch the umbrella sky,
To hose down it’s mist to dine.

Up above the sky,
The wings of aqua spread,
Deluging as plop! plop! and plop!
Dampening my heart not to dry.

A gliding plain, a prairie
A longing child, a fairy
Firefly words and perplexed slain-
Drench in the stormy,

Hi, this is Vidhya and I am 23 years old. Writing is my passion and I have been writing poems since 2017. Writing is something that makes me feel good. I hope my writings would give a feel good experience to the readers too. Thank you.
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