The Poetry Bar

Forever Our Splendor

Firsts of our birth,
we commit
to thee our sips
Thou, who
fastens in thy
tentacles sweet
flames with
splendorous viridity
Cause thy armour
amidst thine little
one’s potent fears
Howbeit, thy slather
anchors vividly!;
yet in thine
nesh-care brings
to a nix a thread of fists
Cause thy gains
to collect the afraids
of thine little one’s
potent tears
Forever our splendor; once in thy clamour

Hi guys! I’m Benyin from Ghana. A student of KNUST, Ghana. I love writing, I like to put my thoughts down through the pencil than through the mouth– started this journey not very long ago but by God’s grace I’ve come up with some good writings. You can check my blog below for the new styles.



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