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Lost Love

I nevver wanted to lose you.
I always wanted to hear you.
I don’t love you.
But I don’t want to lose you.

In the fear of losing you.
I never argued with you.
Though, I am a bad person.
But, I tried to be a good person.

I blushed when I saw you.
I was always happy when I heard you.
Now that you have left.
My smile has also left.

In the fear of losing you.
I lost you.
I know I am boring
But I am also very caring.

Before, at dawn I smiled.
At noon, I laughed.
At dusk, I blushed.

Now, I wake up missing.
Whole day I sit sobbing.
And I sleep crying.

Now there is no gain.
There is only pain.

Poet- Divya Parvatrao a budding poet. Got my first poem published recently at


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