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The Poised Princess

Walking the tightrope,
A poised princess,
You filled my cracks,
With stained-glass insets,
I twist and I turn,
To impossible shapes,
You revel in my lustre,
They watch, mouth agape.

Knowing well if I fail,
I’d shatter to pieces,
I hate you for being,
My well-favored weakness.
Then one day I fell,
With no one to catch me,
The cruel trapeze broke,
And it set me free.

You tried to find another,
Put her name on the marquee,
But no one could capture,
The crowd’s eyes like me,
But she’ll keep on twirling,
At your every behest,
As you mourn at the casket
Of the poised princess.

Written by Shruti Iyer, a med student from India with a penchant for writing
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