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I light up myself and enjoy the burning fire & watch it burn
I look at my ego get cool down & reducing of my stubborn
I like it when my heart melts by the inferno I created
Dont really feel the flames, because I’m already faded
It feels good dancing with my flames and my inner mess
A lot of mess inside me cuz I got OCD, it runs in my veins
My eyes been reflecting the echo of my thoughts
And a Madness running in my veins followed by pure love
I live with it and deal with it smoothly & appreciate what I have
Appreciate every joy and madness inside me even my inner mess
Me being silent but my inner thoughts appeared over my silence
Silence with a never giving a shit about others
Well that’s the thing of how I can find my happiness
I watched and lived with the inferno burning inside me humbly and I liked it
As I watched my food get cooked by fire, I ate it and its exquisite.

My name is Ahmed Adushe I’m 21years old who lives in Ethiopia, Africa. I’m college student in BA management class and work part time to cover my tuition.

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