Ray of Hope

seeing you is like seeing the moon
comforted me
loved me
and cared for me
whatever phase
i am digging in
you showed and never left
until light comes from darkness
until sadness turns into happiness
until tears turns into laughter
until pain turns to something good.

i deeply know that words is not enough
to express my whole love
so until then, please stay.
i need and want you to stay
you keep me in sane
when everything goes down
you became my ray of sunshine.

i hope you know,
when my eyes met yours
right from that moment
i know you’re the one:
one, who fits me.
perfectly and unconditionally

that’s why i love you even though it kills me.
i will always love you until this love will consume me

no, i’ll just wait, wait until the word love will turns into loved. i know, i deserve better, i’ll just wait for a perfect timing.

hello, this is mayari, a normal teenage girl who’s trying to lived her life to the fullest. expressing her life in the form of writing. for more works, visit and message me to my accounts.


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  1. Wow, Your poem is great!!!

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