A Paradise Bird

I see a bird over the hills
With gleaming wings
Alone and happy without a nest
Staring at me

Singing harmoniously
To blend in
Freezing the moments
And spreading happiness

You are the one in my dreams
I walk towards you on the hills
You flew away
And never came back

Its been a month
I haven’t seen you
My mind is shattered
Like a crystal

My old friend
I haven’t got a picture to remember
I wanna hear the song again
I am in pain

I lie down on my bed
Dreaming you will come back
And when I woke up
You were there on my balcony

Waiting for me
To see one last time
To sing for me
To say goodbye

You gave me my happiness
and you flew away again
A wild rose
And an alluring soul living in peace.



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