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Hello everyone!

How are you all doing?

I am not doing so great. The weather is messing with me again and in order not to think about my headache I decided to clean my kitchen. You all know I live in a shoe box, my kitchen is very small but it took me 2 hours to clean everything because I was so slow.

I was also reorganizing the kitchen because I would like to get a mini oven and I had to see if I would have space to store the mini oven. Turns out I have space and I just did my order. I know that once I move out of this apartment, I might not need a mini oven anymore but the thing is I am tired of always cooking on the stove.

During quarantine, I got a bit into cooking and there are many cute recipes I would like to try and I cannot try them because I don’t have an oven. Also, I think that I can make healthier meals in the oven because I was just very unhealthy lately. Can you just see how I am trying to justify this purchase to myself? Just brace yourself, because soon I will turn this into a food blog. The Poetry Bar will become The Recipe Bar.

All I know is that I wanted the mini oven ever since I moved to this apartment and next week it should be at my door. Welcome to a world without Amazon where you need to wait for your stuff. Do you maybe have a mini oven? Are they any good?

I thought I was going to spend my evening editing my vlog for the weekend but that is not happening. My head is just not in the right place, I don’t feel like editing so that will be postponed for tomorrow and knowing my damn self I will be editing it on the same day I have to post it. As I said in my previous video, I do not do anything on time!

Make sure to check out my latest video and my YT channel. It’s been really fun filming the last few weeks and posting regularly. It’s really making me happy and relaxed when I film. I did not find a way to make editing fun, but I surely will.

I am going to shower and sit down with my book now.

Thank you for supporting my blog and for being here <3

Sending love and positive vibes,

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  1. Get well soon

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