Food intolerance check

Me and my food intolerances are here!

I have not posted a video on Youtube for two weeks and now I am back with this whole saga about my food intolerance:

Today was my first day of being gluten-dairy-egg and everything else free. I cannot give my opinion after one day. I will be giving my opinion after my first sugar crisis and the desire to binge. I was eating very healthy today and I feel great.

I was also very productive today. Filmed the video, edited, went shopping and cleaned my apartment. Now I am going to go and do a little beauty routine to make me feel better about myself (read “Luna will be putting on a lot of masks and skincare products).

Shopping for food will be hell until I learn how to get around the stores and what I can and cannot eat. Fruits, veggies and meat is easy but anything else is a nightmare. I spent an hour in the store only to buy a few things because I was just walking around reading food labels and exploring the healthy food aisles.

I hope you will enjoy the video and if you have been through the same, let me know and share some tips!

Love you all

Sending love and positive vibes,

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5 thoughts on “Food intolerance check

  1. Hi Luna, I feel your pain, and you are not alone. About a year and a half ago, we thought my wife had gotten Lyme disease. She had all of the symptoms except the bullseye rash – really sore joints, generally feeling awful.

    To make a really long story short, she finally figured out that the had developed a gluten sensitivity. It took her maybe 4 to 6 months to figure everything out, and the medical community was of little help.

    Now days she is feeling so much better, and of course it has meant a lot of adjustments. But she has developed a pretty good gluten free shopping list, and I mostly share her diet.

    I hope you find your problem areas. Don’t give up hope. It’s real, and your body will be much happier and healthier when you nail down your triggers. We have even found her some gluten free beer at the local liquor store. If you would like her contact info, just let me know. I am sure she would be glad to help. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  2. So glad you have been given some direction to help your quality of life, Luna!

  3. Just hang in there while you work it all out. Life is so much better once you determine what to leave out of your diet.

  4. Just friendly advice because I’m doing a very similar thing…
    You don’t have to make big changes all at once and you will make little mistakes you’ll catch along the way while fine tuning it.
    I had an autoimmune reaction which is most obviously related to changing from 1st to 3rd shift, but I know I have a dairy intolerance that went overboard because I found myself on a high dairy and high sugar diet being completely unaware of it. Eating dinner for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, and dinner as a snack where I eventually started eating packaged (processed foods) being pressed for time. Screwed me the hell up.
    Whenever I think I got it down I’ll find something I missed. I’m fine with sugar, high fructose corn syrup is poison to me and that snuck in when I wasn’t looking. I’m living on hamburger, fish, and veggie burgers while I work out the kinks. I was using dairy as filler which lead to a nasty vitamin deficiency I noticed literally the day before shit hit the fan.
    You’ll make mistakes fine tuning it, just remember you survived this long and a few mistakes won’t kill you right away. It’s always good to look for a bigger source of the issue like my own being not adjusting to a flipped around life schedule. I think I recall a post saying you smoke and I’ll add I’m one of those people who smokes, quits, then starts then stops. My autoimmune reaction is in a starting again with a spike which I see as a co-cause with 3rd shift. Plus? This year has been a nightmare and cortisol is extremely high as it probably is with almost anyone right now. Just the year of life being dangerous and any contact with life and others can kill you and everything is a threat to you being alive is stressful enough for your body to go after itself.
    Relaxation and maybe meditation can also help. It’s just something I had to remind myself of when I looked at not being able to eat anything either. lol

    It doesn’t have to be all at once.

  5. sounds awful
    but i know when something does not
    agree with me
    well to put it mildly
    chain reactions!

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