I am black

It was dark,
The thickness of the night,
Especially when compared to dark coal,
Looking at it leaves you stained,
Dripping with uncovered flaws,
I was haunted because of my given attribute!
I really want to elude this fear,
Rest my head on mother’s lap and ask why I am this way

Society with it’s unflinching hate,
Drives me to hide in perpetual phobia of myself,
The mirror itself proves to be my enemy,
Reminding me that I can’t change who I am!
So I sit in akimbo with all my thoughts ascending towards heaven,
Waiting for the Maker to give his answer or leave me with his verdict,
For I am lost and hated because just like the RAVEN I wore Black on my Skin

by Destiano King


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2 thoughts on “I am black

  1. We are who we are– and be proud of it.

  2. Some people discriminates but it doesn’t mean others are also bad. If you excel in your work everything leaves behind, people start to recognize you for your work. The color of your skin can’t define you. Know, you are strong.

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