Let’s get social

It’s vacation timeeeeee!

On Friday, the 9th my 2 weeks out of the office started at four o’clock. To be completely honest, I worked until 5:15 PM. It is what it is.

For a change, I was a social gal these past two days. Usually, I don’t do much or go anywhere but I got a bit out of my comfort zone. On Friday I had drinks with my coworkers because we were celebrating one of our team members getting a new job and moving out of Croatia and yesterday I was having drinks with a friend of mine, like a little girls night and I haven’t had one of those in ages.

Since I got my intolerance test done, you know I cannot drink a lot and I cannot drink my favorite things such as beer but I can drink wine. I have not had alcohol for a month or so, and these two days kind of messed with my liver. I had wine both nights, because it’s safe for me to drink it stomach-wise, but on Friday I did not expect us to stay for so long. We were constantly ordering new rounds of drinks and I got a bit tipsy. And I live on the 4th floor of a building that does not have an elevator. It was an experience.

I can say that I had that wine headache the next morning and listen to what my 25 year old dumbass did. I watched Shrek. You read that correctly. I was feeling sick, no chance I was leaving my bed, so I was looking for something to watch. Netflix has too many options for hungover Luna, so I went to HBO GO. When I was home last week, I had a movie night with my nephew which just means that we watched 15 different cartoons, each for 20 minutes so I had a bunch of animated movies in my HBO landing page so I ended up watching Shrek while drinking coffee hoping it would stop my headache. I am such an adult.

I got better during the day, a cold shower helped and then on Saturday evening I had drinks with my friend. Both of us are very eager to go out and do something, anything! We agreed that starting September we will start going to the gym together if I finish my physical therapy for my knees by then and we want to go out. But like out, out, like dancing and drinking out, flirting with waiters to get drinks on the house out, refusing men and taking off our heels when we get to the cab out. I am 25, why am I living like a grandma?

Today, I am having a bit of a me day. I need to rest, I need to do a list of things I still have to buy for my vacation and I need to clean but to be honest, I haven’t done much other than cook a lunch for myself. It’s okay to be lazy today. I deserve it.

I am going to probably watch another cartoon now. Maybe ice age.

What have you all been up to?


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4 thoughts on “Let’s get social

  1. Just had a visit from my nephew who lives 3000 miles away in NJ. He flies out to California twice a year to get away from his job. Will see a friend from Vegas whom I haven’t seen in 20 years. Then its a week for my wife and I to visit family in NJ. Nice that things have opened up more. Enjoy your vacation, Luna.

  2. It is fine to act like a young woman because you are a young woman, Luna. It is good to be kind to ourselves as well as being kind to others. I hope you enjoy your vacation. ❤👩‍🦰❤

  3. Shrek, well there ya go 🙂

  4. i super love your posts so much! i hope you have fun with what you are doing lately!

    ps- my name is luna too. 😜.

    but shrek’s not bad. hahahaaha

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