Misnomer of mission

I will not dare fictionalize my past
Then compartmentalize all that I am
Wasting the best of my heart and soul
Into little spaces of must be forgottens
Only to finish my present as dull nonsense
More still, there are those who believe fully
“Loneliness” is some plague of darkness
That resides inside hearts of still singles
Refusing to surrender their heartfelt purpose
Methinks- it would be pure foolishness to
Life and love are laced in unpredictability’s
And like an unfished candle that yet beholds
Its fullest beauty of glow to share, cut early
Brings forth a most concerning mind, not fear
Apathetic fools misdefine as our “loneliness”
That’s beyond any of their understandment
Others, like myself, are compelled to share
All of whom and what we are, in life itself
However, should it be we depart prematurely
We’re somewhat at a loss; how to come back
And finish the breadth of our unfished love
For hearts of those who want …what’s left

Poet of the Light © 2021

“Be of good courage” and finish your mission. 

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