Devil’s in the details

I am having a week off work and I am not doing anything special, to be honest. I am doing my physical therapy in Zagreb and I am just taking this week for myself because I decided that I am finally going to start working on my book. 

I find my creative process around this book idea a bit odd. I just came up with this concept out of nowhere, I developed most of the plot in my head already so I know what I want the book to be. It’s going to be a bit on the fantasy side, I know the main events in the book that have to happen and I am thinking about the events leading up to them, I have my main character in my head already, she will also have a dog because why not but since it will be more of a fantasy novel, I have an issue creating the world the character will live in. 

The details are stopping my from starting because I really need to design this world in my head, this whole society I want for the character to grow up around and my imagination just decided to be a bit bitchy. My brain gave me the concept for the book, I developed a bunch of it in my head and now I am stuck when I should already start writing. It’s a bit exhausting but I gave myself my word that I will not give up this time or just decide not to do it. I will write this even if it’s only for my own pleasure. 

That will pretty much be my week, don’t expect anything interesting coming from me. Maybe a YouTube video, but I am not making any promises 


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