Poem #271

I have been through all of this.
I have lived a few lives in my head by the time I got here.
I had to create a narrative,
find a throne high enough so my own insecurities cannot catch me.

I am faking confidence and happiness.
I have been faking everything in the last two decades.
My restless, overthinking mind made
my soul old before time.

Thank God you cannot see this castle of balloons I built to hide in.
You might find a glimpse of something natural inside me to care for
And you might just love me enough to bring a needle to my pedestal.

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2 thoughts on “Poem #271

  1. I have watched the video. I think you should post more content like this on YouTube. Topics which everyone can relate to! I’m happy you’re coming back and knowing yourself and strengths more!
    We always want you! ❤🙂

  2. wonderful writing.

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