Fun Few Days

I’ve had a fun few days and since I am terrible at preparing posts in advance, my blog suffers when I have fun. 

I decided to jump on here and let you know what’s been happening. My boyfriend was here during the weekend and on Saturday we went on a hike to Sljeme. Since we went a bit before noon, we spent most of the day on the mountain, getting in touch with nature, me being scared there are snakes and other fun stuff. Also, I started working out consistently a few weeks back and I was kind of impressed with how much I’ve gotten back into shape. The last time we went on a hike, I felt like I am going to drop dead but now it wasn’t a problem. The only thing was that my knees hurt a bit going down, but that’s normal.  

On Sunday he left and on Monday he came back because on Tuesday we were celebrating his graduation. He graduated law and we spent the day celebrating with his friends because also one of his friends graduated that day.  

Again, I was amazed but not with positive things like getting back into shape but by my ability to drink throughout the day and not get drunk! We left the apartment around 8 in the morning to go to his university and we came back some time after 9 in the evening. Overall, fun experience. I had to take a day off work to be with him so I will have a lot of fun working my ass off on Saturday. I have not worked a Saturday ever since I got my promotion so it’s going to feel weird.  

I finally fully recovered from everything and got back into my routine. Today I have one task for myself and that is cleaning because with everything that has been going on, my apartment is a mess! 

Talk to you soon! 


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3 thoughts on “Fun Few Days

  1. Very beautiful pictures!!
    Congrats to your man 🎊

  2. That’s satisfying when workouts show results. Happy cleaning!

  3. I’m grateful you are feeling more emotionally stable, it definitely shines through in your writing. 👍

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