This country makes me want to murder people.

I am having a very chill morning. It’s raining, I am sitting in my pajama reading my book. I realized that I like trilogies and books that follow a character or a plot so I started reading His Dark Materials. Currently I am on the first book and I think the experience is a bit different because I watched the HBO show based upon the trilogy.

I had to google what to read because after Millenium, the only series of books I knew were Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Now that I have told you how peaceful my morning is, let me get to the angry part of this post.

Yesterday I had a bit of a less chill day because my mother sparked my interest into going and reading an interview from one of Croatian’s singers who, in detail, described how her ex was paying off our institutions and the then mayor of the capital city to take their son away from her but I will go on about this in depth in a Coffee Date. The other piece of news that was on the sidebar while I was reading the story is the type of news that makes me go “This country makes me want to murder people.”

I am against violence, but sometimes the system and the absurdity of Croatia pushes me towards the opinion that sometimes, just sometimes people need to be beaten into knowing that when the justice fails, the people won’t. Unfortunately, I then still decide to have some morals and not advocate for this idea.

Now, what happened?

A lowlife, a piece of shit, the bottom of the society, a man with no morals or chances at redemption has raped an 8 year old girl for a year and he got caught. The little girl was his partner’s daughter. That thing that cannot even be called a human being, got 14 years in prison and now a court lowered his sentence to 11 years because…. Are you ready for this?
He took part in the Croatia war for independence.

This country makes me want to murder people.

I am disgusted. This is the reason why I don’t read the news. I just cannot deal with this. I am sick of people getting away with their crimes because they were in the war. No, this is not the first time something like this has happened. Croatia came a long fucking way since that war, we even got into the EU, we developed as a nation and made a lot of progress and it really amazes me that we were able to do this if three judges did not see anything wrong with lowering a sentence to a pedophile based on his participation in the war.

To quote the Tiktok of the content creator Lyneezy: Earth is ghetto and I wanna leave.

Is it better anywhere else? Like, is there a country where you can confidently say that there are flaws but the government and the institutions are overall doing their job and protecting and serving their citizens? You just let me know because I am very skillful when it comes to learning new languages, it might take me 6 months, I will get a job in the country most recommended and I will move. I cannot. This country makes me want to murder people.

I am going back to my chill book reading.


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5 thoughts on “This country makes me want to murder people.

  1. Hi Luna, I agree, its dreadful news about the paedophile. When justice is used for political purposes, that is what happens. And as far as I can tell it happens everywhere to a greater or lesser degree. On the other hand, the world is your oyster, I hope you get to visit other countries in your studies or your job and maybe you will find a place which is more suited to your outlook on life. All the best, Lucy.

  2. Hi Luna! Wow, your country and my country sound a lot alike, and I get so overwhelmed by all of the news and crime, along with how badly everything is escalating. I am in the U.S., and I can only imagine how frustrating it is. I say many times that I wonder what other countries would be like, but I imagine we are all somewhat similar in the handling of society because of the human aspect. Everywhere we go there are humans…and humans aren’t always good… Hope your day gets better 🙂

  3. I would love to tell you that things are much better here in America, but I cannot. Our courts are similar to yours, and our politics is just plain scary. Half the people in the US obviously do not value our democracy, and are so stupid you wonder how they can figure out how to breathe. 😥

  4. Every once and while, you just have to shake your head at what happens in the world. Personally, I’ve found in the last few months that has been very therapeutic for me is writing. Just letting my raw emotions hang out for all to see just seems to make me feel better and less likely to dull my swords in preparation to use them (sarcasm there).

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