Sadly gone

The cold made me shivers,
I was left standing,
Alone and crying.

I took my steps,
As my heart continue to weep,
My tears keep on rolling,
And I am hurting.

At home you were not there anymore,
Gone those sweet gesture,
Gone those midnight cuddles,
And I am in struggle.

I lay down my bed,
And I hug my pillow as my tears shead,
Sobs escape into my lips,
That was once yours to kiss.

Seri Meya

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4 thoughts on “Sadly gone

  1. Stay strong! No words are gonna make you feel better right now. No time, no distractions are enough. I know very well what you must be growing through. And I know it’s hard but still I’m saying this, think about the good memories with them it will ease the pain. Talk about them
    if you can, to someone close to you. And time will heal.
    May you find some solace. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  2. Heartfelt poem for losing someone we love

  3. Heart goes out to you 🌸

  4. Pretty powerful poem on regret for a a love lost. Short, sharp and evocative.

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