Chuckling with laughter
flowing like the breeze
Childhood is a dream that passes by faster.
Wealth, power, fame
are the things we begin to run after.
Ambition and love
Both gave a plaster.
Living on insta, made you think you’re sought-after
Now in depression, one needs a distractor.
Dwell on your childhood dreams,
stop your life from becoming a disaster
It is time to begin a new chapter and become one’s own master.

Poem by Harshi

Hi everyone! I firmly believe that there is no specific age to dream. One just needs to be awakened to fulfill it.

I can see that a lot of people around me are facing either a mid- life or an identity crisis and that is because somewhere down the line we forget to dwell on our childhood dreams.

I hope this little poem helps all of us to dream big and pursue them. Let’s make our dreams a reality!

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2 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. Social media makes you feel inferior.

  2. 100% true words

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