Waiting for What

The blistering pockets
Of a mad man’s disguise
Will surely save him
From prying eyes
Silently standing
In the mouth of the sea
Waiting for something
That he cannot yet be
Confused and delusional
Standing alone
Toiling with the voices
That are not his own
Writing the words
They tell him to say
Meanings to life
Lessons not to stray
His truths are known
By the way he writes
The man’s reality hides
From the light
Lost in his thoughts
Maybe no thoughts at all
Waiting for the glass to break
And the curtain to fall

Hi, I’m Kevin and I am new to public expressions. My poetry is not and will never be prefect. So I do apologize for that. I enjoy writing and I’m in the process of learn to write with structure although that may not show for while. Thank you all for reading. I hope you enjoy my work. Have a blessed day.

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2 thoughts on “Waiting for What

  1. Thoughtful writing Kevin! I enjoyed reading this.

  2. Great work Kevin! Thanks for creating.

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