And THE WEEK! continues

And THE WEEK is continuing, ladies and gentlemen. Yesterday I got a very interesting call from my landlord in Zagreb. Guess who has to move out of her apartment? ME!

I cannot even begin to explain the stress it is to look for apartments in Zagreb. Just yesterday as I was drowning in the desperation of seeing people renting 20m2 “apartments” for 350€+utilities I was watching the news with my mom and there was a whole segment on how the apartments in Zagreb are one of the most expensive in Europe in regards to the average pay in Croatia.

Let’s get this clear, I am not head over heels for the place I am living in now, there are a lot of problems with it but it’s affordable, it’s in a good location and I’ve made a home for me there. I did not have an oven, only a stove top so I bought a mini oven. It is a small apartment, not a lot of storage space but I made it work by buying some boxes, organizing stuff better. I even got my family to come and bring me plates and other stuff because this apartment had none. I really tried had for the last few months to make myself as comfy as possible in that place and now I have to move. FML.

When I was looking for an apartment at the beginning of the year, if you are a loyal reader you will remember, it took me a month of looking at apartments constantly to actually, finally find something. It’s exhausting and what’s worse of all is that people can sometimes be very, very rude and deceiving. There were so many people who did not disclose, prior to me coming to see the place, that it has been severely damaged in the earthquake(s). I do not want to wake up every morning and see a crack in the ceiling. And did they at least lower the prices then? NOOOOOOOOOO

I can’t do this again. I’ve seen some places and I know that the chances of me finding another affordable apartment on a great location are slim but it might happen. I am still willing to give a bit more money for a place than I am now as long as I can live alone. I’ve had terrible experience with roommates so I do not plan on doing that ever again. I would rather come back home and live with my mom than live with someone I barely know ever again.

So, yeah, I am kind of nervous and miserable. But at least my mom is doing well health-wise so it won’t be a problem if I go back to Zagreb now to hunt for an apartment.

Happy Friday everyone, hope you are having a better time than I am.


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14 thoughts on “And THE WEEK! continues

  1. I hope your Friday gets better and you find a flat soon 🙂

  2. Sorry to hear, did they sell the building ? Why do you have to move ?

  3. I’m sure it will work is for the best, Luna. Wait and see.

  4. I’m actually not a loyal follower. But I am a follower. Which you can’t say about me. But what are you doing in Croatia? I thought you were like some Swedish chick who used to write poetry and was doing some kind of fashion blog. Now you’re on a food journey to Croatia?

    1. “some Swedish chick”-you are incredibly rude. And why are you demanding she explain her life to you? If you don’t care enough to follow her online, then you don’t need to know. I don’t even think you want to know. The whole tone of this comment is weird and condescending. You see someone having a bad day and decide to make them feel worse, for whatever reason.

      1. Sounds like she has a lover and a fan out there. I am one of her online followers. Just not loyal enough to know the contents of her previous posts or, probably, of her next ones. But I see one of her posts from time to time on the WordPress reader, and was surprised to find her in Croatia. Maybe she is not Swedish after all, but Croatian? I’m just interested in the lives of fellow bloggers. If I propose marriage to her, would you feel better? We all know she’d say no. But I am not exactly sure what level of honor you expect me to give her? As a blogger she accepts some level of being a public figure, and can’t seriously expect everyone who follows her to treat her as a best friend. From looking at her comments, there are a lot of people out there telling her they hope she feels better. For what it’s worth, I do too, but I think that has already been said. So the comment is silent. There is no tone. You are at liberty to read whatever tone you want into my comment. It’s a public forum.

        “I hope your apartment woes come to an end!”

        There we go. I am now commenter number 329 who wants her to have a better day.

        I hope you feel better too.

      2. It’s difficult enough to read the heart and the mind of a person we don’t know even when we are interacting face to face in life. Please do yourself a favor and lighten your load when it come to understanding someone’s heart, mind and intent in a public forum message. It’s not possible. There are too many aspects of true human communication missing. Only Luna, the recipient of this publicized note can evaluate it on a personal level. But I do care enough about you, even though I don’t know you, to suggest that you protect your health by not reading too much into semantics. No one knows but Luna whether or not something was offensive or not, or, just maybe, if she is appreciative he took the time to respond. I’d like to give her the benefit of a doubt and say she can read between the lines of his message. Rick

  5. Hope you find something better than your current apartment!

  6. Dear Luna of Croatia,
    It’s Joe from India.
    It’s very sad to know,
    Recent weeks have been hard,
    Stuck with lousy luck
    and an unemphatic landlord.
    I hear you, Indeed it’s painful,
    Finding a new place is stressful.
    Only great efforts make a condo a “home”,
    Sentiments invested under a dome.
    But now it’s time to pack and move,
    Consider these trails as fate’s cue to improve.🍀🍀🍀🍀
    Take courage pal! and endure a bit longer,
    As you know,
    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!!!” 💪💪💪💪💪

    God Bless 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  7. Hope things improve soon Luna. Prayers up friend!

  8. It’s very irritating to leave a place where you have settled and more irritating is the house hunting. I also like to live alone than sharing a room with someone.

  9. Good things happen to good people.
    You are being challenged.
    You will come out of this stronger!
    Sending you and your family good vibes!

  10. Sorry to hear your sad tale. It seems to be happening to people the world over.

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