My love has this tendency
To be caught unexpectedly
As if it has a built-in fault line
For human made catastrophe
Akin those unwanted events
That causes a tectonic shift
In my beliefs and open heart
Riddled fractures then become
Cover of my whole landscape
Fraught with broken eggshells
Me- laying down bewildered
Quietly still, with eggs on my face
Some claim they’re foreseeable
Us blind would…argue otherwise

Poet of the Light © 2021

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2 thoughts on “Environmental

  1. As I’ve noted elsewhere, there are some, like you, who have fused their life compass with their passion and compassion is the real result. But I need to encourage you to move your mind and soul off of the north / south trek, in favor of a path that is east / west instead. You see, if a person is traveling north and goes a certain distance, he / she then turns southward. But if you are on the east / west pathway, and you stay on trajectory, you’ll never find yourself heading in the opposite direction. Value yourself in such a way that every postiive voice from today shuts out negative voices of every day called yesterday.

  2. Your comment poses an interesting theory to say the least. Thank you for reading and commenting both. Please allow me to correct part of your fallacy. There is no one else like me, period. You also presume I move north/south when in reality I only creatively paint my stokes in that fashion, which affirms my intent is to misdirect an inferred reality. For that, I thank you again.

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