What are we,
I often ask myself
What were we
meant to be?
As I question reality.

What was in this existence
that gave us a cause?
What was that reason
to make these universal laws?

Is there another dimension,
another world
that was made
to be unfurled?

Perhaps, we were stars, fallen
from the celestial garden
in the seventh heaven.

Hello there! My name is Malalai Khan, a fifteen-year-old aspiring writer from Pakistan. I love reading, and am really passionate about art, music and literature. I have a writing blog, on which I post bookish stuff, poetry and prose. I am new to the writing community here, and am really excited to have started this adventure! Instagram:

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2 thoughts on “Questions

  1. It’s quite a out of the way thought process for 15 years old ,, do not think so much ,, but yeah be a good viewer of life ‘s process,,

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