Park Benches

It was an ordinary day in humanity
I resigned nothing changes for me

I was walking besides nonchalant
When out of the blue came along
Pausing me momentarily in my life
To my right- sat this lonely bench

For some unknown reason to me then
I sat down to enjoy an easy breeze
Suddenly you sat on the other end
Then smiled- and we began conversing

And I’ve been found in you ever since
Meeting you daily at that empty bench
Looking forward to our stimulation
Of my mind- in living this revelation

Never once did I ever question, why
You serenaded me in tiny conversations
Bringing me, my only true liberation
From white noise chaos- I was living

You rescued me in tiny gentle breezes
Like an angel uplifting my whole soul
Sooner or later in time, change arrives
You must know- what it meant to me

Belief, I could trust in your every word
Where I could feel in your voice’s truth
Know, if we’re ever lost from each other
Forever, my heart will remember… you

Poet of the Light © 2021

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