Plans down the drain

So my plans for the weekend went to shit. My mother has to self-isolate starting today because some people…. some people just deserve to be smacked across the face. I am against violence, but my beliefs are being tested today. I am not going into details because I will just get more and more angry.  

Luckily, my mom is not showing any symptoms for now. She also got both shots of the vaccine so hopefully she will not end up testing positive or at least she will experience mild symptoms if she does test positive. Nothing will be certain until Tuesday (it’s a holiday on Monday) so I am keeping my attitude positive until then. On top of all health issues she has been experiencing lately and not knowing what’s the problem with her liver, we did not need this! 

I am just so angry about this situation because it could have been prevented by people exhibiting some level of basic human decency and regard for other people’s health and wellbeing. Some people are just eeeeew. Yuck. 

I talked to her half an hour ago and she is just resting and trying to keep herself entertained in the apartment. I am pretty much doing the same thing because the weather outside is not the best so I downloaded a movie and I am just working on some stuff on my laptop.  

I wish you a better weekend than the one I am having.  

Love you all, 

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4 thoughts on “Plans down the drain

  1. Sigh. Some people just do not seem to be interested in being a part of society. If they chose this path, they should stay apart from society. Sorry to hear about your Mom. A

  2. Stay positive. God is good blessings

  3. I really hope your mum stays well.

  4. Best wishes for your mother’s quick recovery. The support you provide her with is just wonderful. I hope you can find some time for yourself in the midst of all this.

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