One day at a time

Hello everyone 

I am emotionally better today. My grandparents are still struggling with Covid, but we all have a feeling that they will push through. My grandma has to constantly be forced to drink water and tea because she is very weak and dehydrated but she is fighting. And grandpa, this is very cute, has mild symptoms and the only thing he is constantly asking is if my grandma is going to make it. These are the moments in difficult times that give hope and just make everyone realize that family is family.  

I finally managed to get my nerves under control and actually slept last night. I did spend 45 minutes in the morning just in bed, listening to music and convincing myself that I need to get up but still today is better than yesterday. And so we go, day after day.  

When I think about it more, wine might have had something to do with me finally sleeping.  

Thank God my mom doesn’t speak English or watch YT videos because she would take that bottle of wine and smack me with it. She isn’t really pro-drinking and I cannot blame her. 

My biggest concern today is that for some reason my oven is not working. It worked perfectly yesterday and I wanted to make some roasted potatoes and I turned on the oven, prepared my potatoes and just put them in. When I went to check on them after 30 minutes I realized that the oven wasn’t even hot. I thought that I didn’t turn it on properly, but I did. Then I tried different programs and it still didn’t work and I am worried. I moved here at the end of last month and I am really worried I might have done something to it. It did work yesterday. I plan on waiting until tomorrow to see if anything changes and then I’ll have to let the owners know. Fingers crossed it works tomorrow.  

I am going to go and wash the dishes now and spend some quality time with my book. 
Hope you are all doing great today, thank you for being so supportive during this time! 


4 thoughts on “One day at a time

  1. Sorry to hear about your grandparents! Hope they continue to recover.

  2. Stay strong, Luna. Wishing your grandparents a speedy recovery

  3. I hope your grandparents recover completely.

  4. stay strong! i hope everything settles down for you soon. unfortunately my grandma just recently passed away and i can only say i hope you cherish every moment you get with your grandparents. sending you love and support from here.

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