Poem #286

I have to intoxicate my mind to remember you. 
I have to step out of my being,  
go into another sphere of consciousness  
just to draw out the memories of your skin against mine.  

I wasn’t who I am today when you were around. 
I believed in love with you. 
All consuming, destructive and life-giving, 
black and white, opposites attract type of love. 

My heart gets two sizes smaller with each year. 
My mind plummets into alcohol and weed anytime 
I want to write about love. 

And with time my words went from describing 
a beautiful love to describing exquisite pain.  

4 thoughts on “Poem #286

  1. Beautifully written

  2. Love is bitter sweet

  3. Wow, I can feel this so close to my own delicate and healing heart as I continue to travel through the grieving process of ending an 8 year relationship. I needed to read this today to remind myself how much I have changed and why I needed to leave, to move on. Thank you my friend ❤

  4. So relatable, Luna!

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