Pray for Me

I am an errand boy
Running the race of life
Swallowed by a river of flaws
Lost in the garden earth
Hoping to fly across, the silent sky

I’ve got a world to tend;
A journey to tread
A race to run
A long night to endure
Byways to cure;
A future to secure

In the silent night
When my soul and psyche are no more aligned
Shine on me, sunshine
Drench my coat, rain
Be my light and smile,
O ye beautiful sky

When the sky is no more bright
When the stars are out of sight
When the sun is becoming dark
O my world,
Let your prayers be my guide,
And your heart be my smile…
For my life ain’t heaven
I’m not a god without a flaw
Pray for me, pray for me
and be my joy

Falana I.A. Zion is an author and lover of aesthetics who strongly believes that life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to experience. He published his first work in the year 2017, titled “The World”, he has thereafter written for different magazines, anthologies, competitions, etc. He’s currently having his second book n the editor’s table, with the hope that he’d publish it anytime soon.

He’s a lover of pen and paper, with the mind of inking any thought that ceaselessly flows into his mind – He’s always happy even though thoughtful because of the joy in Christ Jesus. 

He aims at making the world a better place through the use of his talents and skills.

You can always read about him and his works on Twitter: esthetic_writes or on Instagram: the_ardent_pen handles

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1 thought on “Pray for Me

  1. Beautifully spiritual. 🙏🏾

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