Regarding The Poetry Bar

Good day everonye! 

Whenever I go somewhere with my bf, be it a long weekend or a full vacation, I always carry my laptop with me but I am not going to be doing this on our long weekend in Ljubljana.  

I don’t believe I will feel like writing on my phone then posting, so I decided to invite you all to submit your poems for The Poetry Bar and during the weekend I am away I will only post your lovely submissions! Let’s start the New Year with all types of poetry! 

I am looking forward to reading all of your works. Most of you already know the drill, but let’s repeat just in case: You can send your poem, short bio and the link to your blog and/or IG account to if you would like to be featured. 

I will be sitting here, waiting for your poems. It’s going to be my reading material today.  


1 thought on “Regarding The Poetry Bar

  1. Coucou,
    Je ne suis pas trop poème.
    J’adore tes looks surtout le troisième.
    Très bonne fête de fin d’année.

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