2021, Bye.

If you need something to shine your way into 2022, you can use my forehead in this video. I got back to Zagreb, out of the train, dropped my suitcase and had to film this video because I have a bunch of stuff to prepare for my trip tomorrow and I have a bit of a problem with oily skin so my whole face is just shining bright in this video. I need to get a ring light. And start to put on some makeup.  

Anywaaaaays, I decided to revisit my 2021 New Years resolutions to see how I did this year and it is how I expected so let’s laugh at me together. I am being a bit more realistic this year and not setting any resolutions. You will hear everything in the video, I hope you will like it! 

Link for the Youtube video:  https://youtu.be/R7csCp_V3aU

Thank you all!


2 thoughts on “2021, Bye.

  1. Your stunning!! I love your videos❤️

  2. Love this, thank you!! 💜

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