Spiteful Sea

Never got to see him again,
sailing off into the wild blue,
impending doom
of icebergs
with fierce aim.
Ship of fools, pliant drifters into savage,
seas- inhospitable lands.
Amiable to the task, venture for profit,
fresh starts, or adventures’ grasp.
1,000 miles towards reinvention, reclamation in tact,
or one final act.

Silent foe, opposing and lurking,
depths below. Not unlike Cthulhu,
the nature of faceless loss.
Freezing gales toss
sailors and passengers
into a hungry arctic wave
with equal disregard.
Arid souls slip into oblivion.
Lives lost, fragmented sea mist shards.

Spiteful sea, owned by no one,
lanced by chance outcomes.
Determined to indiscriminate selection,
of godly fellows, with derelict
Completely helpless, undone.
Once spirited seafarers,
now vanished, under the indifferent arctic sun.

Polar blue, steely hands froze,
pulling to the ocean floor.
No castaway claiming survival,
loved ones fret no more.

My name is Tim Risser and I am a song lyricist, poet, and sometimes music journalist/interviewer. I have been writing song lyrics into poetry or poetry into songs since adolescence. It was in those years that I grew a healthy fascination for the spoken word/poetry slams of the nineties. I have amalgamated a love for songwriting, macabre storytelling, and hip-hop lyrical phrasing into my own words, with all these elements influencing my work over the decades. Mental health is regularly addressed in my poetry. Words and images are a healthy outlet for me, even though my work comes off as stark and nihilistic. Those who relate understand, and those who don’t will eventually stumble upon the road that never ends. We all do.


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