Young-loving Streamers

Crap-casting Rogan and Young-loving streamers
Fact-blasting moron vs. artists and dreamers
Free speech and fact breach they dance, and they stab
Truth in the morgue on a cold marble slab
Drip-drying wet naps on Vin Diesel’s daisy
Popcorn and Pepsi with Martin Scorsese
Grifting and grafting on quaaludes and blow
Gaetz in sex traffic with nowhere to go
Oath Keeping Proud Boys, soldiers in waiting
“My Pillow hucksters” gaslighting and baiting
Fascists and fucktards fall from the sky
Democracy’s gone in the blink of an eye
Hopscotch and whiskey, Sorry and Twister
Rebellion and UNO with Vlad Putin’s sister
Records and transcripts get flushed in the can
Truth getting trumped by a fat orange man
Cow tipping junkies and pill-popping tweakers
Political flunkies in loafers and sneakers
Gazpacho Goosestepping Capital cops
Malevolent Marjorie, she never stops
Fuck headlines and deadlines bread, milk, and inflation
The next time you vote for the soul of a nation
Carry integrity into the booth, raile against liars and vote for the truth

Geoffrey Reilly is a skilled, passionate, and collaborative information designer and writer with over 30 years of experience in the software industry.  He lives in Warren, RI with his wife, two sons, and their dog, Pepsi.
In his spare time, he writes essays, poetry, and (every now and then) short stories.
You can find his creative endeavors on his blog site, Bending the Needle – Truth Hurts and on his personal website.

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2 thoughts on “Young-loving Streamers

  1. Loved this! It read like a modern-day, adult Shel Silverstein poem, and packed a punch.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you enjoyed my poem!

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